ArtiMinds Innovation Lab

ArtiMinds Robotics GmbH, with around 50 employees, is the technology leader in the field of intuitive robot programming. The in-house developed software solutions ArtiMinds Robot Programming Suite (RPS) and ArtiMinds Learning & Analytics for Robots (LAR) are used in over 20 countries and more than a dozen different industries.

The ArtiMinds Innovation Lab conducts predevelopment and applied research in advanced robotic manipulation, machine learning and robot cognition. By creating and exploring novel technologies and paradigms for interacting with, programming and deploying robots, we lay the foundations for new products and services in application domains ranging from industrial robotics over service robotics to health care.

ArtiMinds is deeply integrated in a network of industrial and industry-related academic partners, consisting of Fraunhofer institutes, universities and universities of applied sciences. In addition, ArtiMinds is a project partner of the Digital Hub Applied Artificial Intelligence Karlsruhe and a member of the innovation advisory board of the Competence Center for AI Engineering (CC-King).


Current Projects

Past Projects