Cognitively assisted laparoscopy: A learning robotic assistance system for surgical grasping and holding tasks

BMBF, 2021 – 2024

Koala-Grasp aims to develop new approaches for planning and executing robot motions to assist human surgeons performing laparoscopic surgery. The main technical contribution will be a novel robot-guided mechatronic laparoscopy tool and the corresponding perception, motion planning and control algorithms, which permit the force-controlled manipulation of organs and tissues by a 6- or 7-DOF robot arm through the narrow trocars typically used in minimally invasive surgery. ArtiMinds is developing novel machine learning-based offline motion planning and online robot control algorithms which explicitly consider the intrinsic and extrinsic kinematic and dynamic constraints imposed by the tool and trocar, and which are robust against the perception and manipulation challenges entailed by in-vivo surgery.